Cullera Rugby Club and Trust Rugby International Spain organise the “virtual charity race and walk to fight against MND” in support of Associació ADELA CV (MND Valencian Association).

What is ADELA CV ?

The Valencian Association of Motor Neurone Disease (ADELA-CV) was born in 1992 as a response to the needs of families facing a practically unknown disease at that time, becoming both a reference and representative of the families, combining strength and effort for the contribution of solutions and the attainment of rights, guaranteeing adequate care for affected people.

The main goal is to give visibility to this cruel disease and to support the social health programs that the Valencian Association of MND carries out in the Valencian Community for affected people and their families.

MND is the third most common neurodegenerative disease which causes the death of motor neurons and, consequently, the person who suffers from it loses the mobility of muscles, the ability to speak, swallow and further respiratory problems which force these people to require assistance for any activity 24 hours a day.

Without losing sight of a future cure, we understand that, although this disease currently has no cure, it has a treatment and requires specialized care adapted to its severity and the situations it generates. For this, ADELA-CV develops programmes of psychological support, social counselling, a series of technical resources, alternative and augmentative communication, family respite, physiotherapy and speech therapy.

 What is a virtual race?

It is an individual experience which is shared collectively and in sync. This is possible thanks to the APP technology of geolocation and synchronization of all the participants, where our mobile will be our chip. As in any conventional race you will have to register for our race, and once the registration is formalized you will receive a confirmation email with a locator and with the link to the race APP so that you can download it to your mobile.


From 00:00 of 1st May 2021 until 23:59 hours of the 16th May 2021 . Within this time interval each participant will choose the day and time to complete the distance of the race.

Distance and route

There are two DISTANCES:

5K Race

3K Walk

Each participant will choose the distance in which they want to participate at the time of registration. The route will be freely chosen by each participant, always taking into account the possible mobility limitations established by the Government for the prevention of Covid-19, always respecting the safety distances and the number of participants who can get together at one time.


From 1st april to 30th April at 11:59 p.m.

The registration fee will be €4 and will be processed exclusively through the event website: 

Participants who do not complete the payment process within the corresponding period will not be registered.

Fundraising registration

For those people who are not interested in active participation in the race, but want to contribute, the option «Dorsal 0» will be enabled, where they can make a donation towards ADELA CV association without taking part in the race.

Downloading the app

The registered runner must download the virtual rockthesport APP available for IPHONE and Android and which is free of charge. With your registration number, which you will have received by email, you will be able to use the Training App. Only the time that takes place between May 1 and 16, will count as valid, and only one attempt in this period will be considered as valid.

The use of the application is the preferred method to record the runner’s time, however, if there are runners who use training watches or other apps, they can manually upload their time (attaching a photo or screenshot) to the race website. Through the «Virtual» section of the event website, accessing «Correct my time». More info:

Standings and prizes

There will be a general classification by distance, which can be filtered to show only women or men classifications. The results will be published on the event website where you can download a personalized participation diploma located next to your name.

Since it is a charity race there will be no prizes for the best classified, however, mentions will be made on social networks to the first classified in the 5k race, as well as the sports club or association with most participants.

Description of the process

Sign up on the web clicking the button «Register«.

Download the virtual rockthesport app on your phone.

The app will ask you for your registration number which you will have received by email.

You can train and check your times using the app the previous days.

Open the app 10 min before the test. Remember to charge your mobile phone. Enjoy the race.

Download your diploma and check your classification online.

Participation, responsibility, ethics and values

All those who wish to participate in the race, may do so, with no age limit in any of the modalities, as long as they are correctly registered.

All participants will do so under their responsibility and ethical sportsmanship, and at the time of registration, state that they are physically fit to complete the test distance safely, exonerating the organization from any accidents suffered due to training before or during the test.

Likewise, the participants agree to comply with current health and safety regulations for the prevention of the transmission of Covid-19.

Participants authorise the organization to use their photos, videos and names in the classification of the race, in media, without expecting payment or any kind of return for this concept.

To participate, children under 18 will do so under the responsibility of their parents and/or legal representatives, who will have to be present while the minor takes part in the race.

The organization declines all responsibility for any damage that the participants may cause during the race, either to themselves or to others.

Refund policy

Cancellations or changes of registrations are not allowed given the charity nature of the registration. The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.


100% of the profit obtained from the collection of registrations and fundraising registration (Dorsal 0) will be donated to the ADELA CV Association.


Benvinguts/des! Ens veiem a les xarxes! (síguenos en redes sociales)